I have attended so many events, but didnt attend such an amazing launch of “OK” magazine, starting from the red carpet to  our reserved seats, well timings was awkward , nobody came on 4pm, people usually free after 5pm because of jobs, and celeb cant come so earlier, so, show was hosted by ayesha umer, which she was looking  stunning,  there was a surprise element, which was unveiling of their mag-cover but due to some guest were not appeared on time, so they delayed to unveil, mean while we did chit-chat with media friends, gossips , did little bit, bitching, which is part of entertainment, some of the famous socialite ,told the truth of some designer’ who took 12lac, but didn’t returned it,  and he is very famous designer, cant disclose the name due to some restrictions, well , the ambiance was so cool, fresh flower and the colorful aray of lights mesmerizes the fantasy life of my “DAISY QUEEN” perhaps, mohata palace where always some events happens  in every day/weekend/months,

A very beautiful lady, CEO &PUBLISHER SAHER H. PARACHA introduction CEO & Publisher Saher H. Paracha

Saher H. Paracha is a businesswoman, jewellery designer and young heiress based between Karachi, London, and Dubai. She is the granddaughter of late business tycoon, diplomat and philanthropist Khan Bahadar Hafiz Mohammad Habibullah Paracha, the founder of the Habibullah Group of companies and the only daughter of Shamaela and Hameedullah Khan Paracha.

Saher Paracha is the CEO & Publisher of OK! Pakistan – the newest edition of the world’s most powerful celebrity magazine. She is the founder of Saher Fine Jewellery and Managing Director of Juicy Publications Private Limited. Additionally, she has also been managing the diverse interests of the Habibullah Group and its affiliates under the guidance of her father since 2010. The Habibullah Group has been a vital force in the development of Pakistan for more than three generations with tremendous success in energy, textiles, sugar, mining, agriculture, security, ethanol, electronics and real estate.

Having an eye for finer things in life and an innate understanding of modern luxury, Saher’s true passion lies in creating legendary heirlooms with unsurpassable style for high-end clients across the globe. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, mountaineering, horse riding, snorkeling, target shooting, archery, fishing and martial arts.

Saher graduated with honours with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in International Business from American Intercontinental University, London. She is also an accredited Jewellery Professional and a Graduate of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Saher was also trained in international etiquette and diplomatic protocol at Institute Villa Piereffeu in Switzerland and has taken numerous courses in design at the highly acclaimed Central Saint Martins.



OK!is the world’s most powerful celebrity magazine with over 50 million readers worldwide. OK! is a global phenomenon with more than 20 international editions in countries including Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, the US, Venezuela,  Vietnam and now Pakistan.

OK! Pakistan will bring readers the latest and greatest in celebrity news, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and events from Pakistan and the rest of the world. Saher H. Paracha the CEO & Publisher of OK! Pakistan is launching their premier issue this Spring 2014.

press info :

The core OK! Pakistan team is led by CEO & PublisherSaher H. Paracha with both aseasoned and neweditorial team which brings to OK!Pakistan local and global exposure and credentials. To this end, OK! Pakistan introduces Editor-in-Chief Aamna Haider Isani, Creative Editor Tania Longi, Fashion & Beauty Editor Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi and Lifestyle Editor Maira Pagganwala along with an experienced team of writers, contributors and photojournalists across Pakistan.

Speaking about the launch of OK! Pakistan, CEO & Publisher Saher H. Paracha said, “OK!is the world’s most powerful celebrity magazine with over 50 million readers and more than 20 international editions worldwide.

Speaking about the launch of OK! Pakistan, Editor In Chief Aamna Haider Isani said, “OK! Pakistan comes in as the country’s first and only international, organic celebrity magazine that aims to tap into Pakistan’s diverse pool of achievers and project them to the world. With OK!we hope to highlight Pakistan’s colour, vibrancy and oomph. We believe the stars of this country exist beyond the cine sparkle, pop culture or razzle-dazzle of the fashion runway. We are looking at achievers at literary festivals, art fairs, politics and even the vast philanthropic arena, where national heroes sacrifice their own lives to change or save others. With OK! we want to lend our readers a smile and an up-beat feeling of optimism.

The first issue ofOK! Pakistan will be available for purchase from all leading bookstores and news agencies from April onwards at PKR 499/-.Thereafter, each new issue of magazine will be available on the 1st of every month.

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