Ramzan is the month of blessing because in this month Allah revealed Quran-e-pak to Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It’s considered the most spiritual and holy month, where all the Muslims abstain from eating and drinking. Muslims also increase restraint, such as sinful speech and behavior by fasting for 30 days.

At sehri special foods are served which are unique to this month. Likewise some take “pheni” “parathay” “malporaaay” yogurt where as in iftar, “pakoraay”, “samosay”, “fruit chart” with special refreshing drinks made of rose water lemon, milk shakes, cold beverages like PEPSI, and many different kinds of deep fried dishes which are rich in oil and nutrients to energize you for the day long fasting.10487232_10152218996507496_1451226021644580297_n

This ramzan Pepsi brought a wonderful concept “kuch cheezay akhethi achi hoti hai”. We usually spend our iftar with our friends, but sometimes we forget to spend time or have iftar with those who are closest to our hearts, like our family. Ramzan is the month of blessing and it would be more valuable if you spend time with your family and have iftar with them along with Pepsi which satisfies your thirst and refreshes you.

Pepsi’s new TVC is all about this concept. It’s about celebrating ramzan with ones who are closet to our hearts. This time they have tried to bring us and our families close to each other and make us realize how we sometimes take our family for granted. In the new Pepsi TVC they show the core values of our culture, the importance of family and the way we celebrate ramzan that brings our loved ones together at important times of the day. A teenage boy is going out to have iftar with his friends. However, he makes a pit stop at a shop, where he is reminded by the shopkeeper’s son of how he also used to wait for his father at iftari. It is this episode that makes him want to change his plans and have iftari with his family.


When he enters his house, he sees the entire family sitting on the dining table. The parent’s joy of seeing their son come back and have iftar for them is a priceless moment. The family breaks their fast along with a chilled bottle of Pepsi and Lays. The ad makes me realize how spending time with our family is important and is usually taken for granted. We go out every day with friends and miss out on spending time with the family. This ramzan I will try to spend as much time as I can with my family and make my iftars special and refreshing by stocking on Pepsi and Lays.