CONTENT :Sania Sehar

AnB Entertaintment



I’ll paint a sun to warm your heart
knowing that we’ll never part.
I’ll draw the years all passing by
So much to learn, so much to try

                                                         – David Foster

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They say marriages are made in heaven this myth is true in most of the cases but here in Rudaba’s life Bashar won’t let any good thing happen. A girl, from the day she is born till the time she understands what Love is, believes that one day her prince charming is going to come on his white beautiful horse and marry her. From that day onwards she thinks of the day when she will be marrying her prince, prepares herself for that special moment BUT life is not a bed of roses, there is always a beast in a beauty’s life.

Rudaba is in true sense the symbol of innocence and is seen as a girl who can sacrifice everything for her brother, be it her love for Buland or hatred for Bashar. Rudaba’s love for Buland is unconditional, it’s love that is not letting her get attracted towards Bashar’s materialistic and luxurious life, but I think ‘love is a verb’ that can be nurtured with positivity and made to flourish if you have the determination.

Bashar Momin is indeed a beast, who is self-centered, obnoxious, wretched, calumniating and imperious. He has no soft corner for anyone except his baby sisters, and just to see Tayyaba happy he will persuade Rudaba to marry him no matter what. That’s why he offered 50% partnership to Adil so that he won’t resist marrying his sister with Bashar. It is well said that Money talks and talks and never stops.


Rudaba though left alone in her fairy tale, there was no fairy to rescue her, and ironically her prince is gone too. Adil played his emotional drama of “izzat” and “ghairat” in front of Rudaba so I think Rudaba is going to marry Bashar Momin because she won’t have any other option and Buland doesn’t trust her anymore.

Let’s see what your opinion of the same is … do you feel she will marry Bashar? I think Buland will come back and rescue his Rudaba because his love is divine but the question is will Bashar let this happen???