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Firaq is a story of love, relations and responsibilities. Paiman is a Pakistani-American, living with her mother in the States, where she meets her brother’s psychiatrist; they embark on a journey of trust and love and marry against the wishes of Paiman’s brother. Soon after, Paiman’s husband disappears, leaving her disheartened and broken. Paiman tries her best to discover his whereabouts but fails. Just when she is beginning to give up all hope of ever finding him, she meets her husband’s close friend, who tells her that her husband is in Pakistan and is married to his cousin.

Will Paiman gather the courage and go to Pakistan to find out the truth?

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WRITER:          Mustafa Bilal

PRODUCER :    Momina Duraid

DIRECTOR:      Abis Raza Abidi

CAST:               Sanam, Mohib Mirza, Hira Salman, Junaid Khan, Noor Ul Hassan, Syed Mazhar Ali, Uzma Gilani etc

Day/Time:       8:00pm Every Saturday