Now you dont need to waste your weekend to find ice cream parlor or store, now Magnum finally landed in your own city Karachi Pakistan introducing first time customize magnum bar, lets read it about what magnum is :

Magnum was launched in 1987 in the UK as an up market ice cream. In 2011 Magnum Classic variant was launched in Pakistan followed by Magnum Almond and Magnum Chocolate Truffle in 2012. Magnum is a premium sensual chocolate indulgence made with Belgian Chocolate.

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Since Magnum first launched their Pleasure Pop-up Store in 2013, the ‘Make my Magnum’ experience has travelled the globe from Paris to Shanghai. Eating a plain old Magnum will never be the same again, as visitors can customize their ice creams through a six-step process, drawing on 18 different toppings. ‘Pleasure Makers’ (you read that right) will expertly dip, shake and sprinkle toppings onto ice creams at your command.

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About Unilever

Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational corporation with 400 brands globally. Its products are sold in over 190 countries around the world.

Unilever is the world’s biggest ice cream manufacturer with an annual turnover of 5 billion Euros.

The Magnum Pleasure Store is a luxurious chocolate café that allows chocolate lovers to customize their Magnum with unique toppings like sea salt, chilli flakes, and cornflakes and the more traditional almonds, sprinklettes, candy bits, vanilla bits, cranberries, coconut shavings and smarties. You can choose your preferred Magnum type (vanilla or chocolate) select the unique crackling chocolate from (dark and milk) and then customize it with a vast array of toppings for your own personalized Magnum.

The Magnum Store is our key activation platform and we are making a significant investment to develop a stronger bond with our consumers and our target group. Therefore, Magnum is delighted to bring to our Pakistan consumers the best world class chocolate indulgence experience at their doorstep,” says Shehryar Khurshid, Director, Ice Cream at Unilever Pakistan says;

A host of entertainment and food celebs, plus young fashionistas swamped to the exclusive opening party. Magnum has long had a reputation of laying on the best most exclusive entertainment and this time to the various artists on the two floors of the Café kept the pleasure seekers enthralled. From DJ Hira Tareen spinning club and house music to host Ayesha Omar urging all to indulge in one more Magnum the Party raged nonstop from start to finish late into the night.


“The Magnum pleasure store offers our pleasure seekers the indulgent experience of making their signature magnums – dipped in rich premium Belgian chocolate and covered with a unique array of toppings. This is a truly remarkable experience that all chocolate and food lovers will want to keep coming back to, creating new magnum memories each time,” says Asad Malik, Brand Manager, Magnum Pakistan.