This event is organized by Factor Hub & Maks Fashion, PR and Social media marketing is handled by Factor Hub

New trend are introducing in fashion industry which keeps struggling for since so many years, this time they come up with new trend, style , collection and new amazing things which makes your vision of choice, style, and to live in a modern way of life, factor hub and maks fashion show present exclusive fashion show in this year 2014, lets see what press release says about this event

Mehmood Khan Mehmood, Anas , Fatima, Zara . Nissa Jabeen (2) Nisa jabeen Monica Monica, Javaria Mehmood, Anas, Fatima, Zara Nissa Jabeen Sania khan Sharjeel Nissa Rameez Awan Trisha Umair , Kashif , Waqar, Rauf Saba , Saima Sana Khan Umair , Zara , Anas, Fareena Zara , Adil , Ekra Adnan Khan Anas, Adeel Zara Abid (2) Zara Abid. Anas, Junaid Baba, Kashif , Umair, Mansoor, Zara Zara Abid Adil, Guest Bakhtawar Shah Danish , Mansoor, Zara Ekra Fayaz Ekra Danish hayat DSC_0956 Fareena Ejaz (2) Fareena Ejaz (3) Ekra (2) Ekra Fayaz. Fareena Ejaz Farrukh , Sami Farukh najam. Farukh Najam Kashif , Rameez, Qameer, Ekra Kashif, Sohail, Mehmood

Pakistan fashion’s most awaited show is here, Factor Hub & Maks Fashion bring together a exclusive fashion show with latest men’s wear and women’s wear collections of Pakistani top designers and leading male and female models.

We believe in promoting both established fashion designers and burgeoning design talent in the global market, while supporting and strengthening Pakistan’s vibrant fashion industry.

A further objective of the show is to show the world that the Pakistan fashion industry is a force to be reckoned with and was created to promote and support Pakistani fashion in the global marketplace, this show aimed to promote and facilitate the development and growth of the fashion industry and make it competitive in international markets by building on relationships with both overseas and domestic buyers; establishing and strengthening ties with foreign designers and ensuring that designers who show under the aegis of Fashion Fall and the show is about to receive ample and the most pertinent Press coverage, on all types of media.

Fashion Fall 2014 has given a steady flow of new and upcoming designers deciding to choose this credible platform. This has encouraged the Factor Hub & Maks Fashion to set its sights higher and has provided the impetus to organize another event that is even grander than the previous showcases.

The designers selected to participate at Fashion Fall 2014 includes names like Mansoor Sharif, Mad & Moddy, Adil Ali,Sabs Selection, Javeria Kaleem, Shades By Afsha, Koaki with colorful outfits.

This is one fashion show you don’t want to miss, as Pakistan’s most influential and fashion-forward designers will showcase their fresh new, well-edited collections. Fashion Fall 2014 is the ultimate platform for the industry’s senior designers and upcoming talent to showcase their talent amongst like-minded peers.