Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ


Since i have been in media industry for past 7 years, i have found so many fake so called “friends” which always wanted to attend event or want to meet celebrities, just to take pictures with them and post it on social media,  or they want friendship to enjoy the benefit of “fame” when they get bore they used to call or sms to irritate you by saying that you are our best buddy or friend, specially when they heard about any upcoming event, so BE AWARE of it now, because they actually want to adopt shortcut ways to enter in media or wants to make “female friends specially, because they believe  its easy to approach them in events, but they are wrong so never ever take them along with you, please its an advise to you, there is a vast difference in your school/college/uni -friends, dont make your office or events related friend because once you entered in practical life they want to hit on your back, so open your eyes and focus on your work which you are assigned for, complete your education first then come to media industry, after all its the era of technology things change now, there is too much competition in market or practical life, while in studies colleges/universities you should start take internship or do freelance project base work, so once you complete  your education, you will not face the trouble.


Believe in yourself and be confident who you are! and try to be live with honest/real/hardwork people who know to stand their own feet rather than expecting from someone else.