Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ

This EID UL AZHA  brings full of surprises for Pakistani media industry, glad to know many high level budget movies are being made in this year  2014 which will blow your mind, thank god we left that era in which famous celebrities holding “GANDAASA” and portraying their own self created culture which was for particular people of that region , but now things change, new technologies/equipment/crew/ and the best part is highly educated directors/producers even youngster are more eager to pursue their career in this media industry, DFDFDFDFDF EWEWE EWEWEWEWE index VVV WEWEWEW WEWEWEWE WEWEWEWEWEWEW

I would say after “khuda k lea” or “BOL” many directors again stood and moved their way towards direction and start making films, which is a good sign to encourage pakistani media industry. This year, there is a lot of expectation  that our media industry will again reach on that level where it was, movies like










These all are expected to release on this year, but some of them are already released and hit on the Pakistani media cinema

“waar” Made a huge success and hit the box office and now “waar 2” is going for release for an upcoming year,  “021” & ‘NMA” is hot cake now a days, seen many promotional activities, launches/press conference which shows positive impact on media industry .

so i must advice you all, you should promote Pakistani media industry, do watch “021 operation” “Na maloom afraad” on this eid and other upcoming movies which made in your own country and support your stars because they actually need your cooperation & support which makes them a real celebrity/star who represent Pakistan when they go abroad.