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Indya Records and PMR Studio Works Present Neray Neray Vas

Fulfilling the promise that Soch songs Bandeya, Hamesha, Awari, and Arz hinted; Neray Neray Vas, Soch’s latest release features the distinctive vocals of Adnan Dhool and is a combination of zealous righteousness and folk music.

NerayNerayVas-Cover NerayNerayVas-Cover-CallerTunes

Neray Neray Vas features the backing vocals of Nescafe Basement Season II sensation Rutaba M Yaqoob

With 25 thousand plus plays on soundcloud, within 4 days of the song’s release, Neray Neray Vas also bags the credit of reaching out to 8 million people and topping the Punjabi playlist of songs on Saavn.

Soch’s Neray Neray Vas is a pretty tune, with strong vocal and mesmerizing music making it truly a classic tune.

Neray Neray Vas Credits:

Written & Composed by: Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed

Vocals Adnan Dhool

Backing Vocals: Rutaba M Yaqoob & Adnan Dhool

Guitars & Harmonium: Rabi Ahmed

Bass: Melvin Arthur

Flute: Baqir Abbas

Arranged, Mixed & Master: Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed

Produced at PMR Studio Works

Music Label – Indya Records