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“I WEAR ASIM JOFA ” believe me, when this tagline comes in your mind you definitely understand whom i talking here, yes he is the true iconic fashion designer who give breath to fashion line with his new & innovative style,prints, cuts and elegance in each of his collection,

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I’m sure you want to know more about ASIM JOFA ?


Asim Jofa burst on to the Fashion scene as a breath of fresh air. Carrying on the legacy of his forefathers he started with a jewelry line 12 years ago, establishing the highly exclusive, one of a kind diamond boutique ‘The Diamond Gallery’. Having been certified in Design from the prestigious Central Saint Martins, Asim went on to create ripples in the fashion industry. He has achieved great acclaim for his various collections displayed on the runways in the fashion capitals of the world. He has been honored with by IAFA International Asian Fashion Awards as the Best Designer Brand in 2012. In the same year Asim bagged the Collection of the Year award held by the Pakistan Fashion Awards. He continues to improve on perfection and in the future, Asim plans to create more buzz and dress Pakistani women fabulously, breaking fashion stereotypes along the way.

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images     I still remember when Iman ali launched  as an ambassador  of ASIM JOFFA On that day i said to my friends that this brand will rule the pakistani fashon industry because of amazing prints/fabric/pattern/ each of his dress shows a royalty, elegance and every women feel comfortable to wear it & this is what every  one says when they ask you “whom you wear” & of course you will get a reply



Being a fan of “ASIM JOFA” 1011129_657372387624263_1121549393_n

I must advice you to buy his Collection and make your eid ul adha more special so dont wait for others just visit his shop and grab your own best one,