Its all about the story revolve around dowry system which is the biggest issue in Asian countries specially in India, where girls get higher educations from school till university, but when it’s come to marriage the other party wants or demand for dowry to sign a contract between two people who wants to marry, same like pareeniti chopra act very well and represent them as “GULL RAIZ” and Anupam kher as “BOOJI”Who is always worried about his daughter to get married before his retirement, but “GULLU” works in a shoe shop as a salesperson, but SHE has a dream to become shoe designer but belong to middle class background she hope to find her dream comes true, her father meet with a lot of people to introduce many people but all were fail to find the perfect match of “GULLRAIZ” she made an evil plan to make fool others to usurb the heavy amount to full fill her dreams, where both decided act as a riches business man where they reside in some luxury restaurant and direct dealing on internet to find perfect match of “sania habibullah” (gullraiz) where some of the candidates “tariq khan” as taro (Aditya roy Kapoor) a real macho man, who always welcome to their customer by his unique style which customer feels comfortable to have food on his restaurant , png Daawat-E-Ishq-movie-images daawat-e-ishq 6th-day-wednesday-box-office-collection-of-daawat-e-ishq 5f6v1ydcpilykibp.D.0.Parineeti-Chopra-Daawat-e-Ishq-Movie-Image

both father and daughter decide to have dinner on his famous kabab house where both meet each other, on that point tariq khan likes her and want to visit her again, and where she taste kabab and change her mind to think for further discussion and here is the story of love starts in 3days they roam around together and enjoyed the time together, “sania habibullah” wants to tell him truth but she scared to tell, finally they made a fake marriage together and on that day she gave “kheer” in which “bhehosshii ki dawaa” was mixed ,and she successfully run from the hotel and moved to her home town Hyderabad, but inside she feel so bad about her fraud which she did, she finally realized to give her 40lac back , where she went to station and both meet each other and she finally tells the truth by saying I don’t want to betray you just to return your money, but taro as a macho men who completely fall in love with her, he pardon her and wants to clear their love each other and as you know what will be end!!! Ofcourse happily married.

I must say do watch it, you will love it.