Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ

I have been in karachi for almost 10 years, met different kind of people who belongs to different sects / nationality / ethnicity. karachi is known by “city of lights” images

but cant see after 10pm now a days, many  people come here from different cities to earn livelihood to support their family,


one of the most thing which annoyed me is ” there is no traffic rules which is strictly applied here as compared to others cities like lahore, islamabad, etc, i remember when i was in Lahore, there was strictly not allowed to cross or  on zebra crossing sign,120102-49

even if you touched the boundary lines  intentionally you will be charge by  Sargent police , but here in Karachi people feel proud to be  zebra crossing (zebra crossing typically gives extra rights of way to pedestrians.) but here they feel proud to break the laws and when Sargent police grasp the culprit they give extortion money to release instantly,Sindh-Assembly-approves-increase-in-traffic-finesDSC_8616-copy-500x335tp

Placing so many cctv camera’s all over in Karachi but isn’t effective yet ???  I don’t think so, there should be strictly rules and regulation applied specially in Karachi, ignoring the laws makes the culprit strong enough to do illegal things  that’s why we see so many cases on daily basis specially bike/car accidents, if these things are not control, im sure no will be secure to live in this city.