Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ

Its not in Pakistan its all over the world, to look fair and feel happy, but in Asian countries this fairness complex is higher as compared to others, but you know marketing plays an important role to market the products , this is how some fairness cream introduce  and giving challenge to you to get fairness in a week or day, which is actually not true, these fairness cream actually gives you temporary fairness

because of some bleaching agent in it, which  brighten your upper layer of your skin . skin1

fair & lovely is considered one of the most famous brand which is successfully marketing in Pakistan but actual customers are not satisfied with this brand  where as introducing max fair & handsome also introduce , this shows there was also a need for male target audience , but the question is , every women or men get fair by using this product??press-ads imagesMax Fairness (2013)


stilmen’s skin bleach cream  is also renowned brand but fail to entice

Juggan Kazim endorsing Garnier Light SPF Cream, Pakistan (Via Facebook)1-IMG-20131227-00413

GARNIER is also very effective brand in terms of marketing but actual users are also not satisfied due to strong bleaching agents


BIO NIKHAR came in the market and suddenly vanish may be they realize their strength.


as you know mostly people really believe on herbal products, but what if these products also fail to impress target audience !!!!


care honey lotion   which is actually moisturizer lotion, but their message to give your skin deep moisturizer and fairness which is actually also not real.

Its an advise to all of you to avoid all the brands which is strictly harmful and having bleaching agents which is actually destroy your skin, try to use petroleum jelly on your skin and clean your face thrice a day and don’t let your skin dry.