We have to collectively work for salvation of Pakistan. No one single party or an entity can do this – Ahsan Iqbal

Thursday 20thNovember in Lahore. The  theme for this year is “Innovating for Growth”, attended by noted luminaries and corporate leaders across multiple industries from South Asian Countries. Mohammad Zubair (Minister of State & Chairman, Privatisation Commission) was Chairperson of the Conclave.

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In the first session Professor Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister of Planning, Development and Reforms, talked about progress in Pakistan by saying: “Pakistan, like other developed countries should invest in its human resource to become developed. The Foreign Direct Investment that Pakistan will welcome in the coming years from China can be used to help bridge the gaps in the energy sector and the economy.”

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In addition to this, Mr. Mohammad Zubair, Minister of State & Chairman of Privitization Comission spoke about the contrast that exists between Pakistani norms and global norms, “The problem with our system is that we think that only we know the problem and its solution and that we alone have the ability to correct the mistakes. However, we are a part of a democracy and we should be able to accept opinions and solutions of others, if we want to progress and keep up with the world.”

Among the speakers at the Conclave was Ambassador Sherry Rehman, Chairman, Jinnah Institute & Former Federal Minister who spoke on collaboration for change: “Pakistan needs to be knowledgeable about the Big Ticket Issues such as inequality, terrorism and illiteracy, because you cannot come up with a solution without knowledge.”


The Director of Hashwani Group, Mr. Amin Hashwani adds:

“We say we are globalized, but are we really acting as global citizens? I cannot think of a nation that is facing so many challenges on different fronts and all these challenges are dynamic. If we think revolution will come and solve our problems, we are sadly mistaken. When we face threats, turbulence and instabilities, this is the opportunity to reflect on ourselves on who we are, where we stand and how we can redefine ourselves.”

In the later session, Hina Rabbani Khar, ex- Foreign Minister, expressed her concerns over relationships between South Asian countries especially Pakistan and India after Modi government policies, and the development on Pakistan-India relations has been pushed back,“Borders have to be softened”she said “but the good news is almost all of South Asia is under democratic reforms, even Afghanistan”

The Conclave featured seven hundred delegates from South Asian countries including business and corporate leaders, management gurus, marketing and advertising gurus, writers, parliamentarians, TV presenters, movers and shakers of civil society and leaders of thought including Michael Foley (Telenor), Mujeeb Zahur, (SNL), Pervaiz Ghias (Toyota Indus Motors), Khurram Rahat (Teradata), Sarim Sheikh (GE), Simeng Geng (Huawei), Ambassador Farooq Sobhan (Bangladesh Enterprise Institute),  Suzanne Al Houby (Rahlaah Explorers UAE), Manjeet Kripalani (Gateway House India), Nadeem Hussain (Tameer Microfinance Bank)  others.

Commenting on the Summit, Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, CEO, Nutshell Forum, said, “The South Asian Conclave is an excellent opportunity to build future partnerships and achieve tremendous success by building mutually beneficial connections within the region. This initiative is focused on the evolution of a

harmonious, and prosperous region where all energies, intentions and resources are deployed to carve out a better tomorrow for all of us.”


With a very successful last year’s inaugural event, The South Asia Conclave brought together leading minds of the region at one platform to share their knowledge, experiences, and expertise in key areas. The upcoming event is designed and managed by Nutshell Forum and is sponsored by Meezan Bank, Bank Al Falah, Teradata, and Toyota, FINCA Microfinance Bank, ICI Pakistan, EFU General Insurance, Hilton Pharma, in Strategic partnership with ICMA-Pakistan, Marketing Association of Pakistan, Tie Lahore, and All India Management Association, official Public Relations partner Latitude and Technology partner P@SHA.

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