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A two day event is happening for the fourth time in Lahore, and fifteenth time in Pakistan, on 28th and 29th November 2014. CLF aims at promoting the culture of book reading in children across Pakistan to enhance their capability to think both creatively and critically. It brings together children from all backgrounds without any discrimination. The CLF organizers always bring something new for better learning of children participating in the festival. In interactive sessions, kids will be taught the contemporary form of radio play and dramatic expression of storytelling. CLF will be featuring a number of activities including storytelling, theatre, skits, workshops on creative writing comics production, and puppet shows.

Raza Kazim, Fareeha Idrees, Baila Jameel (Director, Head of Event)

First Day was dedicated to Teacher’s Literature featuring multiple activities including interactive sessions, workshops, training sessions, and other educational activities for participating teachers

Organized by the Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) in collaboration with the Oxford University Press (OUP) and the Open Society Foundations and the Children’s Library Complex, the festival expects participation of about 25,000 children from all around Pakistan.Fahad Hussain CLF clf clf 3 CLF 2 adeel Hashmi

On first day which was dedicated to teachers speakers from various backgrounds participated in interactive sessions , workshops including Adeel Hashmi, Baela Raza Jamil, Haseena Moin, Khalid Anum, Fareeha Idrees, Reza Kazim, Fahd Hussain, Mosharraf Zaidi, Sheherezade alam, Ameena Saiyid, Nadia Jamil and many other distinguished guests, day ended with an interesting Play “Jogi Huay Kay Aa” by Sanjan Nagar Public Education trust.

Distinguished guests from various walk of lives including Drama, Art, Media, Music and Literature will participate in the event including Haseena Moin, Khaled Anum, Sana Mir, Adeel Hashmi, Baela Reza Jamil. Peter Jacob, Anjum Paul, Ali Aftab, Zara Mumtaz, Nadia Jamil, Sarmad Sultan KHoosat and Amra Alam along with other guests will participate in sessions.

The key founders and organizers of Children’s Literary Festival are, Baela Raza Jamil, the Director Programs for Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agaahi (ITA), and Ameena Saiyiad, Managing Director of Oxford University Press (OUP). Also, there are some of the eminent institutions working in collaboration with CLF this time, such as OSF, Alif Ailaan European Union and Dubai Cares etc.Adeel Hashmi CLF 10365798_751663234912337_5564144268296906062_n 10359509_751663744912286_787086314764064553_n

Pakistan’s leading public and private corporations like HBL, ASK, Allied Bank, PHA, LWMC and Telenor are the main sponsor of the event.