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My piece for HIP



What people says about luxstyle awards 2014 !

Hated it: “The event is boring! It has nothing new. I don’t want to be negative that’s just the way it is.”  a senior Fashion guru told us.

Loved it: “They wanted social media hype rather than being aired on a TV channel like most award shows”  – a reporter

Hated it: “The grandeur of the LSAs is gone. We only had one event of merit in Pakistan.” – a not-so-happyTV producer.

Loved it: “These are the best turkey sandwiches ever!” – a food blogger

Hated it: “A dull affair, nothing is happening.” – a bored fashionista

Loved it: “The best thing about the event was Fawad Khan! And the fact that media people can directly meet celebrities.” – a PR person

Hated it: “How am I supposed to make a video package out of THIS! There is no stage – just a bunch of people milling about.” – a TV reporter

Loved it: “The awards are much simpler this year but I prefer the intimate and personal atmosphere.” -a  Lifestyle editor.

Hated it: “Momal Sheikh looks hideous!” – a clearly disgruntled entertainment journo

Loved it: “A small scale event but very well managed.” – one of the winners

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