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Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ

I know might be Sunday is boring day for you, because no wonder you dont have any other option to spend your time, by watching tv, surfing on internet or chit chat with your friends doing gossips or bitching !!! or you can stay home under your parent guidelines.

Here Google help me to find out some media celebrities but creativity comes when you add some masala on it, no offence my intention is not to hurt anyone but yes to create smile on your face.

1:danish taimoor worried !!


2: fawad khan is blessed now a days with film offers and commercials11

3: humaima malick thinks that her star power is more towards bollywood, thats why she is not seen in pakistani films !!


4: saba qamar is happy go lucky girl she enjoy every bit of her life,


5: shaista wahidi wait for her appearance in upcoming morning shows !!! might be PTV hire her !!! GEO walaay cant bear more.


6: sanam  balouch mornings shows have no any other script/ideas , you can watch only jaadooo tooona, /shaaadi/ yaa phr zaydtiiii k issues.7

7: meera ji new year resolution is always big big and biiiiiiiiiiiiiig6

8:zeba ji 021 was expected to HIT but its ok we accept you still as an actress.5

9: beauty godess “mahira khan thinks that media people   have no other option to report negative things.


10: sanam saeed now she is sanam farhan, she was quite upset when social media spread her false news of her marriage.3

11: you can better understand


12: shoae is always worried about her acting she might be interested to come in direction