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As media industry groomed a lot for past 5 years, many channels were also launched which is a good sign of media industry development.BOL vs 92 NEWS

Right now we have 5 major tv channels which is actively working and having high TRP like ARY, HUM, EXPRESS, GEO, DAWN, when there is a too much competition, there is always a chances of some clashes between two parties likewise, GEO vs ARY, but to survive in this competition one party must to present some unique concept/idea so it would stand out easily, & the audience is better to judge.

Well we heard from last 2 years, that there is a channel which is coming in Pakistan which will bring change in electronic media sector, and there will be huge multimedia projects and amazing infrastructure which will blow your mind!!! All these rumors were roaming around everywhere, but yes it came with good concept of marketing and unique concept which others channel didn’t, yes you are absolutely right I am talking about “BOL”

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I really don’t know why “BOL” is not yet launched in Pakistan, but others took initiative and i can say inspiration, As we all know there is a new channel “92 news”  Recently launched which presents its own unique or “USP” (first HD channel) if you look their graphics and all theme, it is quite similar to “BOL”10172804_1497773043817996_3344271421247325585_n 10387341_1509246809337286_3504484986857516805_n 10403298_1511277405800893_4901633198554661806_n 10494783_1510438592551441_2934976356217832345_n 10606266_1511473702447930_6379597762351288852_n 10868135_1510822475846386_7220977534636851208_n 10906201_1510384475890186_6889532120510818449_n 10915317_1510822019179765_5025687896615422701_n 10917043_1511475099114457_1020745495199062417_n 10917255_1513088305619803_8815326948514472341_n 10926411_1513160648945902_3176963489833126067_n 10930090_1509681942627106_7803252312998649279_n its mean now “Bol” Has to change their concept, ideas, and upcoming programs, because this time we expect more, as rumors says, it’s going to be launch next year in April/May and some says in the end of 2015, God knows when we see these new channels and hoping they provide knowledge /ethics/quality programs/entertainment and would be different from the rest of the channels,

Many renowned  journalist switched to these channel which shows employee always seek good opportunity with good package, I think that’s every employee right. Here this practice also seen

Now we are expecting if they are going to do something really out of the box then they should avoid following things

We don’t want to see

“breaking news”


“Crying women based dramas”

“ old concept of sitcom/soaps”

“demoralize Pakistan image”

“no aamil najoomi based show”