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Blog by : Irfan ul haq


Afghanistan, landlocked multiethnic country located in the heart of south-centralAsia.

According to research, Afghanistan’s telecommunications sector and a growing digital media industry are among the Afghan government’s biggest achievements since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

The new satellite, AFGHANSAT 1, will support a wide range of services including broadcasting, mobile telephony and IP connectivity.

we have seen not only in Pakistan but also other countries are also more active towards digital media advertising agency, there is a newly well establish media advertising agency in afghanistan took better initiative which provide 360 campaign to their clients which other agencies don’t, lets read about their introduction and their services

Karigar & Co. started working in Afghanistan to contribute in expanding the horizon of Afghanistan’s media industry to the international level.

Karigar & Co. is a certified and registered media advertising agency in Afghanistan, which provides the best ever print & electronic media facilities.


Karigar & Co. ensures to meet the clients required objectives with following services:

  1. Design House
  2. Print Production
  3. Media Strategy
  4. Media Planning
  5. Social Media
  6. UI-UX
  7. Video Production
  8. Audio Production
  9. Studio
  10. Animation
  11. PR & Event Management
  12. Mobile Platform10940548_747292458700974_3098861030451803150_n 10479709_745129988917221_1821760879715989771_n 19296_745468898883330_5306988767504760011_n 10933876_745916208838599_4321423101058756539_n 1977220_746418722121681_4771112372104891350_n 10858602_746884172075136_5377583965020529986_n

    We are an expert and highly talented team dedicated for delivering flexible, efficient and media advertising professionals. We operate with one unifying vision that is “to set-up the most proficient yet expansive media network across the region in correlation with our Experts, Expertise and Excellence”.

    Here are the key specialists and most important driving forces behind this company

    1. Sifatullah Qureshi


  13. 10358877_741834985913388_9113225987533479883_n
    1. Mirwais Khan Barak


  14. 10931066_742297319200488_1591258196388253580_n
    1. Muhammad Saad

    Chief Executive Officer

  15. 10929021_742959269134293_837762762385739425_n
    1. Muhammad Osama Siddiqui

    Creative Manager

    Since, we are living in a fast-paced results-oriented society, advertising has been increasingly valued on its market effectiveness. Therefore, we have predicted over 100% growth in Afghanistan’s media industry in near future.

    Karigar & Co. as a significant leading role in the media industry of Afghanistan introduces the splendid level of advertising that will increase the shape of advertising and will bring major upgrades to Afghanistan’s media industry.

    Our mission, obviously, is not only to influence our clients, staff and audiences, but also contribute to Afghanistan’s economy and further reinforce Afghanistan’s position as Asia’s Creative Hub.

    We pride ourselves on our innovative strategic planning, creativity and successful team efforts.

    Team images

    10917873_736329066463980_910534181494002590_n 10885084_736328763130677_4873321911806708666_n 10689958_736328726464014_7047516479448621787_n 10806347_736328609797359_558239956812329315_n