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British Pakistani  Danish Wakeel based in the United Kingdom wins the esteemed and honorable crown, the trophy of  Mr Commonwealth International 2014-2015 and an award from House of Commons recently in London November 2014. The Mr Commonwealth International is the top male title for Commonwealth beauty  Pageant that takes place in London every year.
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The proud  high fashion model,actor  and fashion  designer represented Pakistan on a universal podium after being  nominated as Mr Pakistan Commonwealth by the London Model Academy later in 2013.  He competed with contestants from fifty three commonwealth countries around the world and finally reached the list of top finalists for the grand finale.  Winning the main title as Mr Commonwealth International 2014 and also Mr Commonwealth Popularity 2014-2015, the young and ambitious Danish made Pakistan proud at the illustrious world renowned event. polol PicMonkey3 PicMonkey oioio PicMonkey kjkk PicMonkey iuuu PicMonkey Collagkjkjkj PicMonkey Collagehfd PicMonkey Collage okoko okok LKOIKL lk KJKJKJK KJKJKH kjkjk jhuh jjk jkj jkjkjjk kjk jhjhjhjh jhjhjhj jhj jcollGE Januhj 10556481_1000833513266617_1727257166552960462_n (1) 10675507_10152819588955540_2718491820473799577_n 10689563_1594329964128093_2482563094722355000_n 10801500_1594533590774397_1688128322900439745_n 10806232_1594325720795184_9010231004135147809_n
Commonwealth International is an exclusive cultural  global beauty pageant. The organisation’s mission is delivered by authentic and genuine representatives from fifty three countries around the world. Represented by their respective reigning kings and queens, the winners promote charity and cultural cohesion throughout the globe.
 The countries span Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific and are diverse – they are amongst the world’s largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries. Thirty-one of our members are classified as small states – countries with a population size of 1.5 million people or less and larger member states that share similar characteristics with them.13125_1000831369933498_2188774805768989605_n (1) 16414_1000833276599974_6204380974003165553_n 185553_10150253714871588_271335_n 2 3 1379303_1594329670794789_5635606117723638759_n 1459349_1000350926648209_6607886832894099740_n 7

Leaders of member countries shape Commonwealth policies and priorities. Every two years, they meet to discuss issues affecting The Commonwealth and the wider world at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).