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Taliban wants to stop Army operation in their own territory and now they gave another threat warning by kidnapping an Iqra  university going student harris, later he  burned &  thrown out of a roof vehicle with his belongings at around 1am Friday, According to Tribune news The student was engulfed in flames as he was thrown out of a hi-roof vehicle with his belongings at around 1am Friday, after which passersby put out the flames and rushed him to Civil Hospital, where he is now admitted. The student had 36% burn injuries. In his statement to the Baloch Colony police, Haris stated that there were four individuals and a girl who kidnapped him in a hi-roof van, and that he was tortured while he was in their custody.

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Meanwhile, a rickshaw driver claims to have dropped Haris and a girl on the day he was kidnapped, a police official said. Baloch Colony police station has filed a case. The police is investigating the matter to determine whether the case is related to personal enmity or terrorism. Taliban’s wants we to obey their order and want to rule by boycott Americans, they clearly said if pakistan will not stop this operation they will continue their killings.