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Dawood Global Foundation officially announced today the finalists for the 7th LADIESFUND® Women’s Awards for Pakistan 2015 to be held at Sindh Governor House on 7th March, 2015 where four hundred of the most dynamic and inspiring women in Pakistan will be in attendance including internationally acclaimed Pakistani women.

Tara UzraDawood,


President, Dawood Global Foundation, announced, “We are delighted to be holding the 7thLADIESFUND® Women’s Awards for Pakistan 2015 where we continue to honour the most dynamic and extraordinary women in our country.”

Chief Guest is the Governor Sindh and the Guests of Honour were revealed to be 2015 Lifetime Achievement winners NoorjehanBilgrami and Zubeida Mustafa

5 Finalists for each category are:


  1. Breakhna and ZarmeenaYousaf
  2. FaizaAsad Lakhani
  3. Maria Aslam-Hyder
  4. MominaJawaid
  5. SaimaMohsin


  1. Anisa Rashid Khan
  2. NasreenKasuri
  3. Yasmeen Lari
  4. Shafaq Habib
  5. ShehlaRehman

Women Of The Year

  1. HinaDilPaseer
  2. MalihaLodhi
  3. Nabila Maqsood
  4. RabiaZuberi
  5. Rumana Husain

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Please vote for winners and encourage your readers, viewers and listeners to vote at CityFM89, LADIESFUND® and karachisnob.com or email ladiesfund@gmail.com your vote!  All winners will receive a piece of silver jewelry by UzmaJaveri, an artisan piece by Artel by Bina Ali, a tikka from Enigma and a Swarovski purse by U&I by AneesaUnus