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This weekend was quiet hectic and brings a lot of news and so many things happened in this whole week, as this month start from 1st April 5, 2015, many news publisher /social media publish fake/rumor based stories to celebrate “April fool’s day”  but our intention was not to hurt anyone or make fun.  Many upcoming movies posters/trailer released, Pakistan biggest fashion week happened in Karachi which stays for last 4 days continuously, Hamza ali abbasi controversies, and many more, so let’s read our top 10 stories of this week.

1: Super model Ayyan released from Jail (1stApril fool story)


Well when I post this story on my blog, believe me, I got so many calls,msgs and comments for confirmation but they didn’t think for a second that 1st april is all about like that. (kidding) but it run successfully and I got thousands of  visitor’s which was good for my blog.

2: Dukhtar movie releases in UK


3: Dekh magar pyar say /Bin Roy Anso posters released 

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It’s really a good sign for  Pakistani  film industry that we are progressing day by day, last week “Ho mann jahaan” premier was so successfully happened and now this weekend two upcoming movie “Dekh magar pyar say” which is directed by asad ul haq and other movie “Bin Roy Anso” featuring mahira khan and humayun saeed, both movies released their poster, & releasing date, being as a Pakistan we should support and cooperate with film industry, you never know thousands of people earn livelihood from this industry so love your people and support Pakistani film industry.

4: 3 bhadur animated movie trailer released

As above mentioned that our industry is growing rapidly, this is the first time that 3d first animated movie is releasing on this may 22 2015 which is a biggest achievement for Pakistani film industry as we never thought that after winning Oscar award “sharmeen obaid chinoy” can also focus on animated movie, we really appreciate her venture and we wish her good luck and her team.

5: Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

No doubt, Fashion Pakistan is single largest Platform for fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs and fashion journalists.Members of Fashion Pakistan represent a major segment of Pakistan’s diverse and very talented design fraternity, This time Latitude pr handle this fashion show which was held in Karachi in pc hotel,  many renowned designers participated in this show and the best part was it stays 4days continuously and they change the hashtag from #FPW To #TFPW15  which was really big thing for change, and last finale show was superb when Bollywood famous actress “pooja bhatt was show stopper for Deepak perwanis collection,

6: Sohail Haider tribute to mehadi Hassan song video

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Hot and dusky beauty sadaf kanwal and feroz khan appeared first time together in sohail haider music video “mai hosh mey tha” both were looking stunning gorgeous and hot but music and story didn’t appeal to viewers .

7: Abrar ul haq sings “ithey rakh” with Sukshinder Shinda

After a long time break Abrar ul haq came with his always unique bhangra type song “Ithey rakh” wih sukshinder shinda

8: “yai jawani phr nae ani “trailer released

As we saw trailer of upcoming Pakistani movie “yai jawani phr nae ani” trailer is out, which seems like more fun/entertaining and based on comedy if you missed it  lets watch again

9: Mah-e-meer exclusive behind the scenes


Well it was really great experience to record live behind the scene of upcoming Pakistani movie “Mah-e-meer” and to interview fahad Mustafa and imaan ali both were there to record for scene of anjum shezad movie, imaan ali was looking stunning gorgeous and beautiful in white dress whereas fahad Mustafa tells his experience working on this movie.

10: Hamza Ali Abbasi Quits PTI-Political party 

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The most controversy guy “Hamza Ali Abbasi” now a day’s engulfed in news as he resigned from PTI Many channels, social media raised questions regarding his resignation.