Every one wants “Money fame & Power” these three things  played significant role of every individual life, some prefer money whereas some fame, some people want power to rule, but as Devil says to God, “i will provoke your people” this is how so many people come under this scenario. Three things will ruin your life if you follow it “Greediness, keeping bad company/friends, jealousy” these small things make big disaster in your life if you don’t quiet.


Ayyan Ali was consider as a beauty queen/icon of Pakistan fashion industry, she has  done many international brand shoot/commercial/shows, etc which is  dream of every female model now a days, but we as a human wants/demands for more and more !


Following are the things which you should learn from her experience.

1: There is no best friend in your professional life !

2: Media is one who promotes you when its come to negativity!

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3: Your close friend will become your close enemy

4: People will respect you until you have money/fame/power with you,


5: Never make friend ship with big tycoons, once they use they will throw you in a jail.


6: Fame never stay for long, so never do leg pulling of others

7: Journalist/editor/reporter  needs masala/gossip so never tell them your secrets

8: Never demand for more !

9: Greediness leave dark spot on every one’s mind and heart so avoid.

10: Do your best and leave on God.

11: Shortcut ways never stay long so do hard work.

12: Scandals makes stars but not genuine people.

13: Fashion industry is full of fake people.

14: People feel proud to take pictures with you, but they do backbiting at your back.

15: Its very easy to earn money for women as compared to men but society will not accept you as “shareef”