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Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ

“Chalay to kat he jaye ga safar aahistaa aahistaa” no doubt! you will love to watch and listen to this song again whenever you get a chance, let me take you back in early 60’s as compared to this era, how things change which i noticed when you come to know your history was so simple, elegant and gorgeous but not artificial like today’s !

Musarrat Nazeer is known for her wedding and folk songs which you can see and mostly played in many drama’s, TVC & films even in Bollywood  which they mostly remix it and played in their films, Musarrat Nazeer is basically actress, singer and film director she belong to middle class family, Musarrat Nazeer married to psychiatrist, Dr. Arshad Majeed and both of them settled in Canada in the mid 1960s. She has done Intermediate from Kinnaird College( Lahore)

She sang so many tremendous songs which we cant forget to play in any wedding or any event, she is the most glamorous, witty and eye candy celebrity in her own time as we see today many singer, actress adopt so many artificial ways to entertain audience but they forgot to know only real and good lyrics shows intense feeling of song.

If you see following songs  you will definitely  realize that she knows how to dress up and wear makeup, no offense it was too loud but her smile stole millions of  heart and her expression tease you to play again !

Check out following songs i hope you will love it!