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Blog by: Irfan ul haq

“Ainak Wala Jin”  was a 1993 Pakistani  most popular children’s television series produced and broadcast by PTV from Lahore. The best part of This drama, it ran for two times on television in Pakistan. It was widely popular among children for its humour and fictional storyline.

No doubt Social media plays an important role in media but spreading negative or fake news never acceptable in the world, last week on social media people start spreading fake news about Muna lahori known as “Zakuta jin” is died and people posting status and making fun of him with out any confirmation they started shares and spreading false news on social media, when this news was heard by “Zakuta Jin” he literally cried on ARY morning show,

It is requested to all the social media people who are posting these kind of fake news please restrain of your negativity and try to support your Pakistani artist who are in trouble , help them support financially or morally, being a good citizen you are not allowed to do anything which hurt anyone.