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Congratulations! Maybelline New york to continue their 100 years of celebration, it was such a wonderful event organize by Lotus where celebrities, socialite, bloggers, print and electronic media was invited to celebrate their success,

According to the press release:

Maybelline New York’s 10 decades of global beauty excellence byconceptualizing 10 unique looks drawing inspiration from specific eras,visualizing how beauty has evolved over the past 100 years.

Using Maybelline’s diverse range of coveted products, team N-pro by Nabilawill be interpreting and defining trends from different eras, specifically: 1920’s – The Great Gatsby Era, 1930’s – The Daring Art Deco Era, 1940’s – The Woman at Work, 1950’s – Rolling Into the Diner, 1960’s – The Barbie Room, 1970’s – Studio 54 Showdown, 1980’s – Culture Club Cool, 1990’s – Making Internet Connection and 2000’s – #SocialMedia age. These looks were complemented by wardrobe from designers NidaAzwer, Saira Shakira and Natasha Kamal

Moazzam Ali Khan, General Manager

“May 15th marked Maybelline’s 10 decades of non-stop beauty in the World. We are extremely excited to celebrate this milestone in Pakistan via visualization of The Power of Expression, a timeline showcasing how the concept of beauty has changed over the past 10 decades and how the basic concept of beauty remains the same as it was 10 decades back. Through this celebration, we also honor the journey the brand has been through after its creation by its founders Thomas and Maybel Williams in 1915” 

Fahad Feroz and Sabeen Kazi Maybelline 10 decades looks Maybelline New York turns 100 Cake Cutting Maybelline NY Taxi (1) Maybelline NY Taxi (2) Mozzam Ali Khan Umair Tabani and Nida Azwer