Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ

The very first thing was shocking to me Salman sheik as (Maani) Bhai got new look in this Voice mobile TVC, he looks more cute and young, of course character was to be teen age specially bold brow and French beard  gave him that kind of look,


forget it lets come to the storyboard of this TVC.

Choori wala (bangle vendor) which is act by Maani, and his beloved Lubna(Hira) with her five year old daughter spotted somewhere in bazaar, seems like Sunday bazaar, Lubna wants to buy bangles for her daughter and she suddenly saw her beloved one, I wish they mention Mani name in this TVC so I can mention his name but let me call Mani bhai simple, he was shocked to see her 5 year old daughter with her and said

“Lubnaa yai tumarii bayti hai, of course lubna has to say yes , therefore  Mani get hyper, and shouted on her  by saying tum nay mujhay , suddenly Lubna replied

“Call ki thi, kabool kehnaay say phelay call ki thi, tumaraa mobile band tha”


What a love story between them, its mean majnoos of today’s still rely on mobile phones? Social media plays a very important role now a days but vendors people don’t have time to go on net café or use any other social media devices to connect their beloved one, they mostly use cell phones, but only one thing changed their life was switched off cell made her beloved one got marry with other person I mean was she  nut to wait one time but after all director has to add humor in this TVC, so it covers all element  and went on-air successfully and people liked it and they appreciate their couple once again on Tv.  So good news for them is Voice mobile V 560 brings big battery time, sound blaster and smart launcher only in Rs 2800/- so if you want to give gift your loved one or someone  on this  Eid, it’s a better thing to give and be voice of your lover.

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