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Such a great news for Northern areas residents, recently PIA launches A320 Airbus for Skardu to promote tourism around the world, it is really good step that our Government  took great initiative for northern areas people, before ATR aircraft was used for travelling but this time A320 will be use which carry maximum passengers for their route,

Skardu is famous for the many trekking and adventure spots around it. There are numerous treks starting from Skardu. The near by Satpara Lake and Shangri-la resort are very famous among the local travelers and is visited by people from all over the country during June & July, i think we should visit skardu now as you can see Karachi temperature is on heat and cross more than 40c according to today’s weather report.

Daily two flights will be from northern areas and A320 will carry 130 passengers at a time, passengers will avail club services and from Islamabad to Skardu travel duration would be 35 minutes. So great people can fly in A320 Airbus and see the beautiful location of skardu.

Just watch the video and lets make a plan to visit Skardu specially in this summer.