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Due to excessive heatwave enter in to Pakistan, many people died due to this sudden weather change in Pakistan specially in sindh, more than 500 people died in Karachi according to news report, and many of them are still surviving and bear  this intense heatwave which cause heat stroke, there are some precautions to prevent ourselves


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Due to this excessive heat wave, Karachi badly need cloud seeding specially in Karachi,

you know what cloud seeding ?

(Note: This information is from “Weather Updates PK Community)

This scientific technique designed to help combat droughts and bring rain involves the procedure of moving dry ice or silver iodide aerosols into the uppermost part of a cloud. This technique of cloud seeding is designed to speed up the process or precipitation and create rain. This scientific technology was developed due to the fact that most rainfall actually begins through the formation of ice crystals located on the uppermost part of clouds.

Pros of Clouding Seeding
1. Creation of Rain
The biggest benefit of cloud seeding is the ability to create rain in areas most affected by droughts. Having the ability to lessen the impact of droughts and bring rain to areas that need it most is extremely powerful. Increased rainfall has the ability to yield more crops and enable some crops to be grown in areas that might not have supported them in the past. This means that cloud seeding might even have the ability to get rid of future famine for some parts of the world.

2. Makes All Areas More Hospitable
There are some dry parts of the world that are not ideal to live in or visit due to droughts. However, cloud seeding has the potential to allow for increased rainfall and make typically dry areas much more hospitable. This might even drive in more tourists and help the overall economy as a result. The effects of cloud seeding have the potential to be far reaching.

Cons of Clouding Seeding
1. Chemical Use
Since cloud seeding does involve the use of putting chemicals in the air, it does have the potential to be harmful to the environment. The placement of these chemicals can have an impact on both plants and animals. It is not fully known what the complete effect of cloud seeding might be to the environment as a whole. Silver iodine is not currently known to be harmful to your heath, but this might change in the future as more and more research is completed and studied.

2. Cost and Effectiveness
Evaluating the effectiveness of cloud seeding is not currently foolproof. Since this technique is mostly used on clouds that already show early signs of potential rainfall it is not known if cloud seeding is actually the reason for the production of rain. The cost of cloud seeding is also pretty astronomical.

here are some pictorial which can be easily understandable :

How_winter_cloud_seeding_works fajb_indonesia_rain_02_jun2013 cloud_seeding2 cloud_seeding a585a1144648fb46f39c9466f7266b0b._