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The execution of this latest TVC of Shan Foods is brilliantly done by showing reality who live abroad, specially students, when they step out for education or for job, they actually miss their family specially on some big occasion or such events which they used to spend their family, same here it shows in this TVC, in the beginning seems boring but later when his elder brother makes him realize to  not feel that he is alone, he started conversation with his mother to learn how to make biryani, and later when his younger brother came , his mother call him, umair , and he gets excited to see his mother but we should thanks to our social media technology specially Skype who connect us wherever we are, you will notice one things we don’t put lights but these guys live in abroad so they use Christmas lights because in west people used to celebrate their own rituals events so they  purchase such lights to decorate their home but we use only for wedding , that’s my point of view not seen anywhere in Pakistan, well tear  comes when he hug him and said Eid Mubarak bhai jan…

Shan Foods always come up with great creative concept which usually focus on custom, religious or events of particular country and that’s why they hit target audience and mostly people recall them easily while for purchasing their products specially Masala items, so we wish them all the best in future to shows such great commercials which relate to our culture values and shows reality based concept.

Watch it again if you missed it