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Blog by : IRFAN UL HAQ

By watching this brilliant ‘Salman khan’ mega blockbuster movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ realize us that Love has no boundaries between two countries, people, relationship, or religion.


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An event was organized by THOR (The house of RanaAsif) at atrium mall where many celebrities attended the private premier of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Star studded red carpet was filled with new excited faces and upcoming new fashion fraternity bloggers were also spotted there aswell, everyone was so excited to see Salman Khan again on big screen after his controversial case which was going on in court after releasing on the bail, yes ! it was the perfect time for salman and his fans to show solidarity and sympathy to complete his Film Bajrangi bhaijaan and set to release this movie on Eid all over the world specially in india and Pakistan but the  issues raised in Pakistan  that bajrangi Bhaijaan should not be release in Pakistan  because two major films were also releasing on Eid ul Fitr  Binroye & Wrong NO, both Pakistani movies released successfully but bajrangi bhaijaan faced many hurdles to launch in Pakistan because of Censor board , ‘Wrong No’ director ‘Yasir Nawaz’ was not in the favor of Bajrangi Bhaijaan to release in Pakistan, he wanted that Pakistani ‘Awaam’ should watch his film and support Pakistani films as we are in revival stage. Whereas Famous Qawal Amjad sabri also stood up for the copyright issues regarding Adnan sami qawali “Bhar do jholii merii” which he sings in this film, and now he wanted to go Mumbai to file a case against plagiarism of his Qawali that’s why its not showed in a film, there were some scenes which weren’t shows in BBJ

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Success doesn’t come easily it has to face hurdles, difficulties and many problems, thats what Bajrangi bhaijaan faced it, and now its earning more than crores, can’t say exact figures but yes Salman khan proved himself once again that his own Brand “BEING HUMAN” is still alive in every heart of  human  who want to help others. I’m not going to disclose story of bajrangi bhaijaan as it is worthable to watch not only because of Indian or support but yes, it’s a right of every viewers to watch good quality content or some reality based films which has some new stories, content to show, this is the biggest example for our upcoming directors that if your story your idea or what every you present  publicly  make sure it should have some unique elements which viewers can relate themselves .

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In past many Pakistani directors proved themselves that they are best by showing their films like Shoaib mansoor  (Khuda k lea, Bol) Nabeel Qureshi ( Na maloom Afraad) Mehreen Jabar(Ram chand Pakistan)Afia Nathanial (Dukhtar) and list goes on, but the point is viewers will definitely watch “Achii or meyaari films” we are not in revival stage we are already on growth stage as many movies are releasing in this year which shows that our film industry are growing and the best part is new comers/directors  are also active participating in it, so giving excuses or giving patriotism remarks will not effect to viewers  at all, just do your best and leave on God try to make movies not controversies try to improve your thoughts not pointing others work, try to bring something new for Pakistani Awaam, try to develop your infrastructure not to give excuses, your failure gives you experience so you can improve next time.

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Photography by : Nasir Habib

We definitely support Pakistani film industry if they support their own film fraternity.

All the best for our upcoming Pakistani films. We are expecting so much this time.